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Shri Nimishananda



Respect the Dimensions of Time and Space

My Dear Friend,

Joyfully we meet again to resume our inward journey to the Soul. I welcome you to the domain of Time and Space because we are already there now. Everything we do from the moment of our birth till the end of our lives is defined within the dimensions of time and space. As long as we allow time to rule us, we are bound by our own karma, fate and destiny and in fact, we have very little control over what happens every moment.

Meditation is the inner journey that takes us beyond the constraints of time and space. It liberates us forever from the shackles of fate and destiny and completely empowers our freewill.

However, before we can transcend the barriers of time and space, we have to first learn how to value them by inculcating a sense of discipline into our lives. Our life, as you know, is like a time bomb, where, which good, bad, happy, joyful and sorrowful events explode all the time. When we lack discipline, stability eludes us, peace dodges us and success deserts us.

Now that we have tuned towards the Soul with complete commitment, God Himself says, “To tap the fount of bliss within you, come out of the time concept as soon as you can. Do not look back at what you have achieved yesterday and rest upon your laurels. Do not put it off thinking that you will accomplish it tomorrow. Yesterday is already gone and you do not know what tomorrow holds for you. Only today is in your hands. Begin exercising Soul discipline today and enter the portals of your Soul which you are no longer bound by time and space.”

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