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Shri Nimishananda



Make Your Senses the Bridge

My Dear Friend,

Welcome. You are truly going to enjoy this part of your journey because you are going to unwrap a very special gift. Where is this gift? My friend, YOU are the gift. You are so unique and precious. You are pulsating with power. You are the very embodiment of peace and bliss. You are the fount of abundance.

However, before you can realise this and experience all this, you have to remove the beautiful wrapping around your Soul, which is your true Self. This wrapping is the cocoon of your outward-bound senses. You must untangle them from the outer world and turn them inwards. Otherwise, your senses become your worst enemies during meditation. If you do not learn how to harness them, they pull you in a hundred different directions, repeatedly shattering your focus and concentration.

Yet, when you understand the purpose of which your senses have been given to you and use them with this awareness, each sense organ becomes a bridge that links you to your Soul. Come and unwrap your gift by understanding the dynamic relationship between your mind, your senses and your Soul. Uncover the true YOU through meditation.

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