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Shri Nimishananda



Understanding Your Body The Seat of Your Being

My Dear Friend,

Come; explore the realm of your own body — which is so familiar and yet so mysterious. Though it has always been with you since you were born, cherish it and look at it with fresh eyes. Your body is your most precious asset. It is a wonderful tool given to you by God. Without it you can accomplish nothing in this world. Though your body can never give you bliss, you require its complete co-operation and harmonisation to meditate effectively, to enjoy yourself and also give you bliss.

There are so many things about your own body that you cannot grasp within your senses... It houses the five sheaths of consciousness. Within your body are the three basic qualities that decide the quality of your life every moment. In your body flow the bio-chemical, bio-electric and bio-rhythmic energies that regulate and implement the manifestation of your own karma.

Above all, my friend, your body is the very seat of your being. It enshrines your Soul, the powerhouse of Pure, Infinite, Cosmic Energy, which is the source of the Universe and empowers everything you do.

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