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Shri Nimishananda



Shri Nimishananda is also a fluent, multi-lingual, powerful and charismatic orator who builds a strong rapport with His listeners. His live Q & A sessions at the end of each program are eagerly awaited and have won wide acclaim everywhere. The most popular empowering programs of His Holiness are ‘BLISS – Be Living In Spiritual State,’ ‘HAPPY – Heightened Awareness Personality Powering Yoga’ and ‘Living In Meditation.’ His Holiness travels all over India and His series of discourses have had a great impact. He is also invited very frequently to the US, Canada, UK, Singapore, and Malaysia to give discourses and conduct Experiential Workshops, Meditation, Sadhana, and Interactive Sessions in prestigious forums for audiences of all age groups, backgrounds, professions and nationalities on an incredibly versatile range of spiritual subjects.

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