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Shri Nimishananda



Preparation for Meditation

My Dear Friend,

Welcome! With great love, I welcome you on this journey which will take you to inner peace, joy and stability. It will take you to outer abundance, progress and prosperity…to a completely new ‘YOU.’

You are blessed. The very fact that you are on a quest reveals your spiritual desire emerging due to the evolution of your inner consciousness. You are now eager to begin the journey. So, I ask you to empty your mind, open your heart and walk along with me in a spirit of surrender.

Between you and me there is nothing to give and nothing to receive; but from the moment we are born, we have both received abundantly from all the pervading Cosmic Energy that created us. This Energy pulsates within us right now, powering everything we do. Just as we prepare ourselves for other journeys, let us also prepare ourselves for this one by understanding how to tune in to this Energy in our innermost core called the ‘Self,’ which will then propel us effortlessly towards our destination.

AS we walk together during the next few days, let us learn how to fix our goal and destination, harness our thoughts and emotions, soften and remove our mindsets, develop faith, trust and belief in ourselves and prepare the mind to accept meditation by loosening the ego.

I wish you much joy and much peace in this phase of the journey…

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