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Shri Nimishananda



Attain Pinpointed Focus

My Dear Friend,

When you have focus, you can attain anything you want because it is the most powerful quality you have. For example, when you hold a piece of paper in the sunlight and focus the sun’s rays upon it with a magnifying lens, the paper catches fire. When you harness your breath, mind, intellect and senses and focus them using the lens called meditation, the spark of awareness within you becomes a blaze.

My friend, you are at a crucial phase in your journey. You have harnessed your energies. You must now sharpen your focus. You must choose your material goals and inner values. You must synchronise your energy with the forces of nature and you must learn the art of keeping your focus on your Soul as you walk, talk and go about your own work.

The time of indecision, conflicts and confusion is past. Now is the time for focus and fusion. Your Soul is beckoning to you... It has been waiting for you since the beginning of time... Come, walk into the realm of awareness and enthrone your Soul in your heart.

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