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Shri Nimishananda



Merge with your Self

My Dear Friend,

Life begins with fusion and ends with fusion. When air fuses with a tiny spark, fire is born. When earth and water fuse in the seed, a sapling is born. When sunlight and water fuse on earth, a cloud is born. When rain fuses with the earth, a river is born. When all the rivers fuse together, the ocean is born.

Likewise, when your belief unites with your faith, your trust is born. When your trust unites with your hope, your confidence is born. When your confidence unites with your stability, your determination is born. When your determination unites with your destiny, your ideal is born.

When your ideal merges with inspiration, your aspiration is born. When your aspiration merges with the divine propulsion, your meditation is born. When meditation merges with your own Soul, YOU ARE REBORN ONCE AGAIN WITH BLISS, BLISS AND BLISS.

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