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Shri Nimishananda



Living in Meditation

My Dear Friend,

I welcome you with great love to the realm of enlightened living. You have flowed with the flow and reached your switching station. You have connected yourself with the cosmic energy and become a fount of power, which you must now harness in your daily life to be benefitted for always.

When you are powered by unconditional love, the universe is revealed to you. Then, whenever you look, and wherever you look, you see only friends because nobody is a stranger to your Soul anymore. To live in meditation means to live with your own Soul and flow with your own divine feelings. To live in meditation means only to live in trust and glide along with your all-encompassing love.

Between you and me, my friend, as we begin this new journey as Souls together, there is only one joy because we are now established in the realm of bliss. When we meditate, there is no question of distance as we are always connected perennially. When there is meditation, there can only be peace and there is only peace and there is friendship, bliss and love without expectation.

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