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Shri Nimishananda



Flow with the Flow

My Dear Friend,

In your life everything is in a state of flow. Time flows, your age flows, your blood flows, your breath flows, your thoughts flow, your feelings flow, your energy flows, your vitality flows, your life flows and your love flows.

Before you began your blissful journey of meditation, you suffered only because you resisted the flow. Whenever you swam against the current of your life, you felt battered, bruised and hurt. Whenever you floated with the current you always felt peaceful, blissful and whole. Going with the flow is the secret of life. It fills you and surrounds you with melting moments. It makes you flow with joy and exuberance.

Now you are in the stream of awareness and you simply have to let yourself go with the flow. Transcend the turbulence of your thoughts and flow around the whirlpools of your feelings. Leap over the boulders of your karma, but take care never to wander off your course. Fix your gaze upon your goal. Meditate and flow joyfully to your Soul.

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