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Shri Nimishananda



Your Breath is the Key

My Dear Friend,

Thinking about God is a Benign Thought,

Believing in God is a True Feeling,

Striving to attain Divinity is a Genuine Effort,

Breathing is True; the God given gift of the Spirit,

The Constant Inner Flow of our own Spirituality...

is constantly there inside you.

Breathing is the most natural thing for all of us in life. As long as you have life, you have breath. Just as your shadow always walks with you outside, your breath always accompanies you inside. Though it is constantly with you, revitalising you, it asks for nothing from you.

Your breath came with you into this world and will remain with you till you leave, yet it has no memories of the past and no fears of the future because it is forever rejoicing in the present. So, when you focus on your breath, you have always anchored in the present where there is no comparison and no anticipation. Each moment is beautiful and perfect in itself. Each moment contains the essence of infinity.

That is why your breath is the key to open the door to your Soul, which is infinite and immortal. Your inner world is mystical and mysterious.

Unknown treasures and unexplored abundance are waiting for you inside.

Come, harness your breath, turn the key, open the door and walk in....

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